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Welcome to ADAlign

The First Accessibility Management System

ADAlign is the world’s first Accessibility Management System (AMS) that provides organizations with all the resources they need to ensure they’re being fully accessible in all facets of their business.

Get Started with ADAlign

ADAlign provides accessibility modules focused on specific areas within your organization, including:

The Basics

Build your foundation about digital accessibility and disabilities, along with understanding free accessibility-testing software.


Get step-by-step instructions on creating compliant and accessible Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign and PDF documents every time.


Making WCAG easy to understand and providing insights on how to audit your websites and applications to ensure accessibility compliance.


Understand the core concepts and practical applications of creating accessible marketing and communications materials.


ADAlign makes understanding your regional accessibility legislation easy to understand so that you can implement what you need to comply.


Learn tips, tricks, and solutions to ensure your organization’s work environment is truly inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible for everyone.

Who is ADAlign for?

ADAlign is for anyone working within an organization, including but not limited to:
  • Accessibility Professionals
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Document Creators & Publishers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Graphic Designers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Marketers
  • Non-profits
  • Social Media Content Creators
  • Students and Educators
  • Web Developers
  • And More...

How does ADAlign help organizations with their accessibility needs?

Each module is comprised of self-directed learning videos, fact and tip sheets, practice documents, webinars, and forums, all of which allow your employees to immerse themselves in everything accessibility.

This wholistic approach to accessibility is accomplished by ensuring the modules fit the specific needs of each person on your team.